Fillers differ from traditional cosmetic surgery is that there is no actual surgery involved in the procedure. Instead, filler treatment is performed entirely with injections. This makes the procedure much less invasive and greatly reduces the pain involved following the procedure.


Cosmetic Fillers

Dermal filler

$550 / per syringe 

Helps restore, plump and enhance areas using a natural product called hyaluronic acid. HA is hydrophilic drawing water toward the product giving a subtle natural hydrating refresh. 

Botulinum toxin

$8 / per unit

Botulinum toxin is a temporary muscle relaxant. This prevents repetitive muscle movement that is leaving behind lines or wrinkles. Relaxing of the muscle prevents lines from occurring and allows the body to repair any damage that has already occurred.


$550 / per treatment 3-6 treatments required

Platelet rich plasma is a natural fertilizer. Using ‘liquid gold’ from your own body we are able to fertilize an area such as; scalp for hair growth, face for fine lines, acne scars or just an overall glow.

Mini Lip Plump

Mini Lip Plump and Flip is $332.00

The lip mini plump is perfect if you have been considering having a lip enhancement for the first time, or if you want to rejuvenate from lost volume.


$500 / per syringe

Sculptra is a polypeptide injectable use for body contouring. This product is used to enhance larger areas such as the buttocks over a series of treatments.


Kybella $500 / per vial

This treatment is comparable to liposuction but for smaller areas. It required a series of injections with minimal downtime and no surgical intervention

Organic Vita Liberata Tan

Look great and feel good with a sunless spray tan.