Hadaka Lucent Veil



HYDRATION & LUMINOSITY! LUCENT VEIL facial mask will help skin anti-oxidization, dullness, and immune effects to give you radiant and luminous skin. A combination of nature and technology, the ingredients offer high moisturization, improvement of fine lines, and promotion of collagen synthesis to reveal younger-looking skin. This ultra-fine biocellulose mask comprises microscopic fibres derived from a natural fermentation process, then saturated with unique and precious beta-glucan extracts of the Sparassis Crispa. This magnificent natural ingredient, known for its medicinal qualities, only grows in a clean and optimal environment. The infusion of beta-glucan and several botanical extracts delivers incomparable hydration with immune functions to improve skin barrier, soothe, and restore moisture. Unveiling, noticeably more, radiant and supple skin.
Lucent Veil helps with:
– Cell barrier strengthening and immunity
– Inflamed skin and redness
– Dehydrated skin
– Fine lines and wrinkles
– Rebalancing irritated skin
– Skin anti-oxidization
– Dullness

End Result:
– Plumped and hydrated skin
– Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles
– Calm and soothed skin
– Radiant and luminous skin